Trumps Got/Had A Star

I didn’t know that our president had a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Seems like every B lister has one now.

But somebody must have known, cause I read it was destroyed.

That is just stupid.

If you went and destroyed that star you’re stupid.

Why wouldn’t you be? You are hurting others, you are making a mess. And what?

That make you feel strong?

They aren’t cheap either. I read that they cost some $30,000. That is more than the vandal makes a year.

But it also meant there was jobs. Something like those stars, they’s need to get cleaned daily (and probably multiple times a day) to be that clean in such a high traffic area. I don’t do this kind of work but I can imagine that they clean them daily, and it’s rare for anywhere that has any amount of retail or pedestrian traffic to not be littered with trash to some extent each day.

Then again I took a Hollywood tour while back, as I was getting out of the Metro Red Line to Hollywood. Right as I left the station, I saw a grizzled bum wearing what looked like a Jedi robe pull his dick out in front of like 50 people and start pissing on the sidewalk.

What was more remarkable was no one in the area reacted at all.

This is heartbreaking that towns a mess.

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