My Girls’ Still Stylin’ From 2007

Why is it that we don’t have the crappy throw backs that the 70s, 80s and 90s gave us. I mean that is 20 years ago.

Much has changed since the new Millennium. More advanced tech has quickened the pace and number of cultural trends. This was done with matching share by more electronic than in the past. Cultural identity is more personalized than ever.

Nostalgia for the 2000’s hasn’t had the chance to kick in yet. In some ways though, you’re just not looking hard enough.

It’s becoming easier to see, for example, a picture of someone may be from the 2000’s.

Baggier formal wear was a big deal, so were fohawks and a clean shaven look. And for women, short hairstyles and preserve it. People were really into wearing random brand names and old band logos on t-shirts. Only the Flash, the grunge, stoner students returned from a street in the 2000 ‘s are out of date. People were still watching TV and shows like Family Guy and How I met Your Mother were huge. See 2000 ‘s source and the silence of a Comic Book approach, and the rise of electronic reproduction most talented directors in the tools required to use CGI in more practical ways, this has given us a plethora of wonderful movies that otherwise would not be able to budget before-hand. Documentaries became huge midway through the decade.

Partially thanks to folks like Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock.

Also due to the increase of quality and variety of the TV documentaries, and his courses online and viral mockumentaries. Hip-hop to be King of the road, as the world of rock and country is fused with the southern-rock and grunge-dance becomes the. (In the early 2010 ‘s we see the top of the electronic and dub-step has already faded from.) In the 2000 ‘s the business of the video game as the perfect topic-River and the success of the Halo and the X-box, which paved the way for the online game of the competition and a renowned rock from MLG.

Rather than an over-all fashion adopted by the majority, fashion was more personalized than ever before. As far as literature goes, the 2000’s saw some of the best works of literature in decades, with authors like Cormac McCarthy, David Foster Wallace, Michael Chabon, Zadie Smith, and the ever popular Stephen King, J.K. It is also hard to ignore the number of adaptations of books-to-movies we have seen this season. It’s also hard to ignore the number of book-to-movie adaptations we saw in this decade. There were a lot of sports scandals in this time. This is also when UFC went mainstream, which also plays a part in the gym and supplement fad that took place. Overall health and well-being really became important to people and new markets for organic fruits and vegetables and farm raised animals spurred.

Soon people can look at their own culture from the perspective of outsiders.

He also saw that the 2000 ‘s the rise of the Internet, as well as cell phone and text messages. It really can’t be stressed enough how much this changed the culture. The people were friends and lovers on the Internet. People could easily seek out others of similar interests for discussion on topics they care about. Whether or not people want to accept it, internet pornography also had a huge affect on people. Suddenly amateur porn was everyone’s favorite. Young people learn the birds and the bees from their computers. Given the larger space between generations and make for a far larger, less light technology to youth. Myspace reigned in the new world of social media, in which people have a personalized relationship with corporate advertising and police each other over habits, beliefs, relations, etc. People see protesting all over now, and it’s become sort of trite. Back in the 2000 ‘s, before Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, as opposed to the character. It was near impossible to resist between media and wearing a pot on my shirt like reposting a clip of Bill Maher was a red link on the tv .. unless it means something.

The rise of the Global economy, or Global culture really took off in the late 2000’s. Thanks largely to the internet. What is a culture of hyper-reality.

In the first decade of the new Millennium we saw Katrina as the storm destroyed a contemporary but also the regions near the banks of the Mississippi River at the bottom. America saw a mini migration of people from the area as those who lost everything went to find new beginnings. The impact isn’t discussed enough but it was significant for our country. We learned to be ever more skeptic of the protection our governments offer us, and just how unprepared we are for earth’s inevitable fury. The financial crisis of 2008 also had a significant impact. To employment, development, healthcare, education, really to everything. These circumstances has the power to tear the country apart, and there are. We are only now seeing the devastation caused, and we feel the shockwaves for a long time.

But possibly the most significant impact to the new millennium was of course 9/11. This event changed things in more ways than people even now realize. Pretty much all Western citizens suddenly one to active politics. What definitely started as intense patriotic loyalty and sense of duty quickly turned into activism and passionate skepticism. The lines that divide a society’s culture from it’s politics and corporate consumption became almost invisible. And it is important to understand about the time since then. Still today, the average person invests far more time and energy into politics than ever before. It is consumed in the same way that any product is. To the point where the very act of protest is now just another act of consumption of new media.

The location of the West culture was defined with sufficient clarity to dance-culture art, fashion and music. It is now defined more by digital activity and political activity. War has become normalized and the bar of ethics between a government and it’s people has become increasingly lowered as the world approached and then hit the milestone of 7 Billion people. Also, it is important to remember that the cost of continuing equality for minorities. The LGBT community has made HUGE strides in finding acceptance and a place of happiness in the culture. Imagine that, just a decade before Brokeback Mountain (2005), people still were reeling in fear of HIV and AIDs. But still, we have yet to separate the politics from the people. It is interesting and intimidating to think of where this will take future generations.

We have truly entered an unprecedented era.

By categorizing the years through practice and intermixing on a world, to see all their own identity. Things are more subjective now, and to be unique people actively pursue an identity to project. What is a type of information – culture, a culture of hyper-reality. One which exists mostly in a digital world of consumption. Culture no longer separates itself from politics, science or industry.

And all of it exists now in terms of new-media consumption.

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