I’m Hairstylist

You may have been noticing that I write a bit about hair. The reason is because I am a hair stylist.

It sort of comes with the territory, but when you work with hair you learn a lot about it.

Hair is porous so it absorbs and holds onto water while water is also somewhat trapped between the hair if it hasn’t been properly rung out yet. Hair can be damaged by chemical processes which roughs up the cuticle a shingle like coating on the outsider the hair which makes the hair hold more water.

Moraccan oil is a great product but not the end all-be all of hair treatments/products to reduce breakage/dryness in hair. Hair is made up of moisture and keratin. If your hair is not getting either of those to rebuild the peptide bonds, which make up the cortex and medulla, then you are just masking the problem. I suggest buying a professional shampoo, conditioner and styling products. They may be more expensive, but they last longer and are far superior then any drug store products.

Ask a stylist. They will diagnose your hair, and tell you exactly what you need to do. We are hair specialists, and trust me I don’t make much on my sales of shampoo and conditioner in my salon. If you color your hair out of a box, expect it to be dry and expect the unexpectedly Box hair color is a nightmare, it is formulated for the masses. So it will have a 20 or 30 volume developer(which is peroxide for hair, not the same as hydrogen peroxide in your medicine cabinet). Why do you pay extra at a salon for a color!? We train constantly and formulate a custom color for every client. Which means we take in consideration, porosity, density and what is happening on your roots, mid shaft and ends of hair. There may be 3 different “formulations” of color for one head of hair. Haircuts are important also to maintain healthy hair. I suggest every 6 weeks. I suggest to my clients get a “dust” which means just taking off the dry ends to promote growth and get rid of any future breakage issues.

Hairstylist by no means make amazing money, don’t get me wrong, I make a living, and am comfortable. In the US we are the lowest paid trade under cooks. So when you visits a salon, and it’s $150, we maybe make $60 off of that after overhead, supplies etc.

Sorry if I rambled on. I’m extremely passionate about hair.

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