Done. Don’t Want No Man

You hear me?

When I say I don’t want no men in my life, I mean it with the utt most respect. I got nothing against you, just don’t want your nightmare trip no more.

Can you have a man without the drama? This is kind of like a chicken or the egg question. You need the man to find out. Not all of them are drama Queens, the ones that are let you know real fast. You can get a sneaky one though.

Sure men are incompetent when it comes to talking, not just to women, other men as well. And I understand one can’t improve without the other. Regardless, I think men do lack emotional intelligence much more often than women, and the reason you’re citing is a big reason why. We as a society don’t allow men to be emotionally intelligent. We try to curb their attempts at every turn!

Not, saying that it isn’t a problem though.

There is always an excuse, but sometime you need to get a grip on it yourself, others aren’t going to do it for you. They just ain’t!

That is why I am going on a hiatus. I agree with women that finally shake the men out of their hair, curtains, carpets, or both. Kory’s got a point, ain’t no room for nightmares, and I am glad that I didn’t have to walk down the aisle to find out.

My breaking point came when my ex did some stupid shit. Anybody with half a brain would have known it was stupid shit. But no he acted like he was the victim. Straighten yourself up and take some responsibility. Don’t bawl your eyes out like some over sized jumbo baby.

Men can cry, I don’t have no problem with that. Have your man tears.

But when I say “man tears” it has nothing to do with making fun of men for having emotions, it’s about making fun of men for pretending they’re the prosecuted ones. Big ass over grown babies!

When you fuck up suck it up and act your damn age.

Don’t make me into the damn problem. Your dick got you into the trouble, ain’t no amount of belly aching gonna fix it for you.

And don’t you dare try and get mad at me. I will whip your belly aching ass like you some big ass baby!

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